5 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

In today’s culture it seems like on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook everybody wants a relationship. Every time I check one of my social media sites it’s always someone either  bashing  relationships or constantly seeking to be in one. So in light of this epidemic I’ll share five reason why you’re still single.

  1. Your  standards are to high:  You want someone to have everything you want and more but you don’t have any of the things you are requesting. Regardless of standards there are no perfect people ladies and gentleman.
  2. Presentation:  We all know  presentation is everything so how you present yourself to world is how people will see you. A lot of times people present themselves in a negative light and wonder why they don’t attract the person they really want.
  3. You’re going after the wrong person:  This happens all too often. A lot of the time people have a fantastic of  what they think of a potential partner-good looking, great personality and successful.
  4. You’re hung up on an ex: Whether you are still seeing this person or still dreaming about them. This person is getting in the way and leaving you with nothing but an empty bed. Sometimes the thoughts of an ex will keep you from investing in another person.
  5. Your stuck in aSituationship”: This is a new term that is used to describe an issue that is very common for a lot of people. This may be the case because perhaps the person is very physically attractive or mentally stimulating. Also your probably have developed deep feelings for this person and are willing to not be in a committed relationship.


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Needs V.S Wants?

Many times we confuse the difference between what we require and what we desire in relationships. We make a list of all the important traits we want in a partner, with very little concept of what we really need in our relationships. Our lists often include items about physical appearance, the level of income or career, and may end with a general statement like “I just want someone that makes me happy.” It is up to you to understand what you need in a relationship versus what you want, and it is your responsibility to effectively communicate those things. First let’s take a look at what constitutes a need. According to Dictionary.com a need is “a requirement, necessary duty, or obligation.”  Simply put a need is something that is essential and very important to person some people may refer to this as a “deal breaker”. For many people they have struggled trying to determine what their essential needs really are. Some of you might be familiar with this concept figuring out what is most important to you for a continental relationship.  Now let’s examine “want” according to Webster “desire or a wish for something”. A want is something we might like to have rather than a requirement for healthy living. For example, someone might want a man who drives a BMW 7 Series.  However, the car that your partner drives has very little impact on the emotional and psychological support they invest in the relationship. Most people probably agree with me thinking, “Obviously, you can’t choose someone based on the car they drive”. But often times the differences between our needs and are wants are not as pronounced as this example. They walk a fine line and I would like to say they even change from couple to couple. We all have our own beliefs and expectations about what we need. These needs are mostly shaped by the media and relationships we have observed, whether in real life or on television. Beyond that, there is a common belief that we are supposed to listen to our feelings, thoughts and impulses, which are often misleading. Impulses guide us in the moment, which may not always be helpful when trying to build a long-term committed relationship. If you have your own your non-negotiable needs or wants comment below and share them.

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Finding Passion In Life

How many people have told you, “Follow your passion,” “Find your passion,”  “Pursue your passion” or “Find a job that you would do for free”. Yet in many cases “passion” is often a concept that is difficult to explain, hard to find and impossible to measure. It’s something that’s unique to each of us, with no one scale to determine it or map to guide us to it. This can be problematic in a society that is rapidly changing by the minute, a “good education” no longer guarantees work and a job no longer provides security or stability. We may be losing the structure and simplicity of the past, but we are exchanging it for the freedom to create our own future. As exciting or maybe overwhelming as this may be we’re not all necessarily ready for this responsibility. As much as we embrace freedom, we also seek the comfort of guidance and leadership. In order to discover our passion and unlock that freedom, we need some direction and a better understanding of what we are looking for. But, many of us get sidetracked by our own self-doubt that we dwell upon in our minds.

The Importance of Passion

It is difficult to find our passion in a meaningful way when we are not encouraged to focus on our inner strengths. Think about our school experience. Did we focus on our strengths or on our weaknesses? We focus on our weaknesses. If we have low grades in math, we spend more time on math. If we fail a test, we go for extra help in that subject. We have to pass every subject so we spend time on those that are the most difficult, the most uncomfortable, just to survive. No wonder we have lost touch with our true passions and talents by the time we graduate. We have focused on our weaknesses for so long. It takes quite a bit of time to sort out your true passions or your natural talents. In a world where people are constantly on the go, on their phones or on social media. Taking the time out to let you feel, dream, and imagine is very difficult, much less counter-culture. This time can help you in the pursuit of finding yourself and your passion.

Final Thoughts

The first step to finding your passion is to truly understand what “passion” is. It can be your calling in life may be something you are born knowing, but it may also be something you discover over time. Simply put it is something that will stem from your beliefs, be enhanced by your skills and sustained by the value that you are able to provide. The next time you feel energized and strong and like the best version of yourself pay attention to what you’re doing in that moment. Start to think what are you really passionate about that you know deep down you are destined to do. Dare to dream, dare to imagine the possibilities, and dare to actually search for what you love. Comment below I would love to hear what you all are passionate about and if you like this post, please share!

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Never Stop Learning: The Power of Knowledge

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Learning is an essential part of being successful in life. You can ask anyone who has attained any level of success or is actively working towards it. They will tell you that learning is a never ending process that will never end.  Having an open mind and willing to learn can open up many opportunities that might not have been foreseen without the willingness to continue learning. I’m often reminded by the quote “Once we stop learning we stop living”.

Lifelong learning is the first step in becoming an outstanding performer.  In today’s fast paced world, if we don’t continue learning and stand still we’re falling behind.  So today I will share a few reasons why learning is essential to living a successful and prosperous life.

  1. Knowledge is Power:

This might sound cliché but it is absolutely true when we have knowledge, we have the power to achieve anything we put our minds to. One of the most crucial reasons to learn something new is that you gain power when you do.

  1. Reach our Maximum Potential:

Without learning we can limit ourselves greatly which can potentially hold us back in the long-run. Once we are not content with what we already know and attempt to deepen our knowledge base. There is no limit on where and what we can do in life.

  1. Improve our Well-Being/Life:

Knowledge will help you feel more at peace with yourself. The more we know the more we can understand then the more we can achieve. Additionally, it will allow us to have a better life, because as a great philosopher once said “Life without knowledge is like a cup without any water its just empty”.

  1. Reduce Stress:

Many of us have high stress due to bills, life’s obstacles, monetary issues etc. One of the great thing about learning it can be fun and exciting. Unlike when we were in school and we had mandatory books and information we had to learn. Now we can learm about any and everything that we actually have an interest in.

  1. Rediscover Ourselves:

Often times we give up on something that we were once interested in and enthused about. After we start to learn again we rediscover things that we once love.

Final Thoughts

With the entire world of knowledge just a few mouse-clicks away, it has never been easier than it is right now to learn something new and unexpected every day. I try to read at least ten to fifteen articles a day to always expand my knowledge base. What are some ways you continue to learn? Comment below.

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What are You Willing to Exchange for Success?

Most of us desire success in every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s in our family life, career, business venture or just a goal we want to accomplish. However as we all know being “successful” or great at something takes a lot of sacrifices and dedication.  A famous quote that was coined by Eric Thomas “You have to want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe”. This concept is easy to say but sometimes difficult to implement.

What are you Willing to Give Up?

Many times we have huge dreams, aspirations and goals but are not always willing to make the necessary sacrifices. Majority of us want to succeed but for those of us who have tried and failed in the past success might seem unattainable. Often times we begin to ask ourselves questions like “Why are other people achieving success and I continue to fail”. There can be many answers to this question, but one that I have experience during my own journey to success is mindset. This might seem like a simply and basic concept but without a mindset set towards greatness it will be hard to succeed.

Changing our Mindset

Changing our mindset is simply deciding what we’re willing to give up or sacrifice, to achieve the success we desire.  Once we adopt a mindset that we are willing to do anything to attain success. To attain something we believe is of greater value, we have to alter our mindset to think and operate at a greater level. There’s a choice we all have to make it may be hanging out with friends who are negative and always try to drag us down with their negative thoughts. We may have to give up social media or TV to have more time to work towards our goals. We might have to give up sleep to stay up and master our craft. Whatever it may be once we decided to give it up we will be one step closer to our predestined success.

Final Thoughts

The major difference between mediocrity and attaining our fullest potential is our choices. The choices we make when we are at the crossroads of life can be life changing. At any major turning point in our life we may be required to make decisions that will determine how our futures turn out. However, there’s one thing you need to know if you want to achieve success and personal growth. It has nothing to do with the education you may need, the skills you must learn or the resources you have to pull through. The main question we have to ask ourselves is what are we willing to give up to be successful? Comment below & if you liked this post please share!

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Life’s Crossroads

Everyone faces some type of “crossroad” in their life. Facing a crossroad can be very overwhelming and can cause anxiety. One of the most complicated tasks any of us will face in life is the concept of making the right decision. Every few seconds we have the opportunity to change our lives, our family lives, our careers and our well-being. By having this seemingly great opportunity to affect our lives in many different aspects can seem very promising. On the other hand it can be an enormous weight on our shoulders, because our lives and our families can be forever changed based on the decisions we make when we face a crossroad.

The small decisions are simple. You may not even notice you are making them, for example if you’re hungry you might stop at a local fast-food restaurant to grab a bite to eat. This act is probably a regular occurrence for many of us and does not require much thought. Our brain has an efficient way of going into auto-pilot on tasks we deem to be insufficient.  On the contrary “crossroads” are the decisions that you can’t go into auto-pilot with that may require deep thought and detailed analysis. When you don’t know how the outcome will affect you and making such a large decision based on your gut or intuition may be the only option. These decisions are usually where the only help others can give you is common sense like “Do whatever makes you happy”. Attempting to control, manipulate or force things to happen is a typical response to the fear that comes with change. Some of us are so fearful of change that we refuse to make a change without understanding that even if we choose not to make a decision or take action, this in and of itself is a choice.

This can become problematic because life is all about changes and moving forward. We all know, deep within ourselves, what we need to do what we know during times of change or crossroads we may face. We can learn to access and trust our innate wisdom; it is personal and always available. Through this, we will know how to adjust our course, move toward our personal destiny. When we don’t follow our inner guidance, we feel a loss of power and energy.Life’s crossroads create opportunity for us to choose between different options, and when we see someone embracing the moment when choices are decided upon, it can be awe-inspiring. A crossroads is about change. Choices must be made not just when things are not working out as we had planned, but also during positive moments when we must choose to continue the course or veer off into something new. When we experience an ending relationship, a change in careers, political upheavals, or challenges with our health, the crossroads we find

Have you ever found yourself in a position where all you have worked toward is right in front of you, but instead of a simple black and white decision you were presented with a handful of options? Comment below how you made your decision and what was the outcome.

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The Power Of Love & Hate

Emotions are the strongest feelings that come to life through our highest highs and our lowest lows. The two most extreme emotions are love and hate. As history has feed us the narrative, “Love conquers all.”  This statement has been highly publicized and debated. Some agree with the idea that with love you can do anything and overcome any obstacle. In my experience love is stronger than hate because it grows you to the place and person you want to be while hate only brings pain, sorrow and distress in the end.

Power of Hate

The power of hate can be dangerous and in some cases can cause major issues in communities and societal problems. The definition of hate is “to dislike intensely or passionately feel extreme aversion”. Public perception tends to have angry and hateful outlook nowadays. Especially when commenting in text form on social media platforms or other online community forums. This hate comes in all forms of insults, negativity and racist views. This hate can tear down and dismiss even the strongest of people. The power of hate can be used in many social situations that cause pain and sorrow to the person on the receiving end of it.

Power of Love

The power of love has always been a strong defender against hate. With love and communication anything can be overcome. Love has always been an effective force in relation to society and social relations issues. If more people would spread love and positivity as a society we could come together and find a solution to all are concerns.

Love V.S Hate 

With all the misplaced hate in the world today finding positivity and love can be quite a challenge. There are many different views, perspectives, opinions and many people who are “stuck in their ways”. Some people either don’t care to listen or change they just accept the narrative and rather move on from the subject and how it effects anyone other than themselves. In light of all the recent news of police violence, hate crimes, violent crimes against police and citizens in major cities. I want everyone reading this to take a step back and think about their life and ask yourself is love or hate more powerful? Many of us have seen hate destroy communities, people and race relations just because of some in many cases minor differences. Most of time the hate is misplaced and divides us even more. Comment below whether you believe  love or hate is more powerful in today’s society & if  you liked this post don’t forget to share!

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Love is Blind?

“Love is blind… we all have been played once”

This quote was written by a great philosopher that stated that love is blinding, because it’s hard to see clearly when you’re in love. Many times love is seen as a powerful pleasure or deep pain depending on what side we fall on can change our perception of love.  Love can give us the feeling that even money cannot buy or cause us pain that can seem never ending.  No matter our age or experience love is always a topic that we all are still trying understand and figure out.

‘Love is Blind’

Majority of the time when someone says love is blind they usually mean when we are in midst of deep love and think everything our partner does is right. Many times we tend to be blinded to the behavior or negative traits that differ from our idealized image of the person we are involved with. We often love the idealized object rather than the real one. Are we then blind when we fall in love and when we maintain it?

Clear Eyes

In a large number of cases we tend to fall in love with our ideal version of our partner. Instead of what they really are because often we tend to be in love with idea of being in love. This can cause us not to have clear eyes when it comes to the validity of our relationship. Therefore these illusions are in fact a major part in our view of love.

The complex nature of love and the fact that lovers are often unwilling to face reality, self-deception and mistakes are likely to occur. Have you ever been blinded by love unrelenting light? Comment below & if you liked this post please share!

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No Time Like The Present

Often times we get bogged down in life with all the pressures of paying bills, stress at our jobs or just life obstacles. We forget to enjoy and embrace the present time and the current stage we’re currently in. During this past holiday season, I’ve heard people say things like “Why am I not happy what am I doing wrong?” In an age of abundance, this question still resonates today for many of us aren’t happy for various of reasons. Maybe we don’t like our current job or career path regardless of what it may be we all have the ability to do anything we put our minds to.

Time is of the Essence

 No matter what stage we are in our life there is one thing that always stands true for any situation we cannot go back in time, nor can we take time from our future. A wise man once told me that we have two options in life one to achieve anything we want in life if we put our mind to it, and two we’re all going to die one day so we have to take advantage of the days we have on this earth. There is no time like the present to follow your dreams, start a business, try a new workout routine, travel the world, spend time with your love ones. The possibilities are endless when we focus on the present and let the past mistakes, mishaps or failures go.

Positive Energy

As humans, we have the tendency to look at what we don’t have or what we’re not good at. Instead of focusing our energy towards what we can do well and all the blessings that have been given to us. Many times, we tend to dwell on things we cannot change or are not willing to do the necessary steps to change. This usually causes us to think that we’re not good enough, because we fill our minds with negative thoughts that can interfere with our predestined success. Adopting the mindset of the cup half full instead of half empty can determine whether or not we will ever reach our goals.

Final Thoughts

In the end, there is no time like the present embrace the current stage in your life. Stop worrying about all the things you did or didn’t do in the past. Stop worrying about all the things you need to accomplish enjoy this moment. Enjoy the people in your life that make you smile and bring you joy!

 “Learn, embrace and love your past but don’t dwell on things you cannot change. Learn to live in the present and love every moment of it”

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5 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed Online

If you’re thinking of launching a startup or small business you likely don’t have the budget to draw prospects to your site with expensive digital ads. The main problem when you are starting a business is, no one knows about it. So how do you get the word out online, without having to spend thousands of dollars on advertising or PR, or buying Facebook or Twitter followers? There are over a million tips all over the internet on how to move up the rungs of Google’s, Yahoo and other search engines. When establishing your business an online presence is a must, but there are so many places to list your company that it can be confusing to know where to start. Here are some strategies you can use to get your business noticed online.

  1. Content Marketing Is the New SEO: When crafting your message you need clarity, conciseness and connection. All good stories are simple at their core. Think short sentences, and think of your audience and your unique connection to them before writing content.
  2. Use social media to do more than just sell your product or service: Nowadays days, most companies are engaging with customers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social channels. But that doesn’t mean they’re doing it right.
  1. Create fresh, shareable content:The most cost effective way to boost your organic traffic is to be consistent with your content. Also keep in mind not to fail in to the creating content just for search engines in my experience by creating original and valuable content your traffic will increase noticeably.
  1. Measure it: Social media marketing is not an exact science so monitor what you do and learn from failure as well as success. Use free services such as Google Analytics to measure impact on website traffic.
  1. Blogger Relations: The new world of media relations, you are essentially selling content. If the content is not quality or not relevant information it will make it less likely for people to share and read your content. Also try to connect with as many people as you can that are  similar  content on their website so you can build up your connections.

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