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Should You Have A ‘Plan B’?

“Life is like a unpaved road bumpy, unsafe, scary but if we’re brave enough to walk it the possibilities are endless”

When it comes to having a plan, goal or dream for our lives the thought of having a backup often times pops up in our mind. Many of us have heard many different views, opinions and debates about this topic. This is a conversation that most entrepreneurs, dreamers, culture changers or anyone trying to pursue something have asked themselves. Should I have a backup plan or should I stick to the motto “Plan B should be trying to figure out how make plan A work”.

Plan B’s

A lot of my clients, friends, family or business associates ask me all the time should I have a backup or if I do have one am I truly going after my dreams or am I hovering around the fence. These questions can be subjective depending on the person but in my opinion we shouldn’t have a backup plan when it comes to following our dreams. Now we all know there are always exceptions to this rule, because we all have different circumstances that don’t allow us to not have a backup or plan b. On the other hand if you truly want your dreams to come true we have to put all our efforts in our dreams without having no doubt in our minds.  Throughout my journey even through its still in the beginning stage I’ve noticed how much self-doubt or belief can play a role in our success.

What has being ‘Realistic Got You’

Some may argue that having a plan b is rational and the smart thing to do. They will tell us the pros of having a plan B just in case things doesn’t work out.  Having a rational approach when comes to going after our dreams will give us a “rational or realistic level of success”.  Being realistic when it comes to our dreams can be perceived as a negative connotation that leads us to believe self-conspicuously that whatever we want to achieve won’t actually happen. Having that extra doubt by having a plan B can limit us before we even get started. In the end we all have to ask ourselves what has being realistic gotten us?

Final Thoughts

We have to ask ourselves why do we need a plan B? If we only have a Plan A it has to work and we should be working to make it happen. That doesn’t mean quit our day job tomorrow but it means that we’re training our mind to believe that our dreams will happen. By getting rid of self-doubt and the fear of failure there is no limit to what we can achieve.

What are your thoughts do you think we should have a backup plan when we’re pursuing our dreams? Comment below & if you liked this please share!


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Standards V.S Expectations

The setting of standards and expectations is a traditional means of making quality decisions. Standards are defined as a level or quality of attainment while expectations are described as a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. We all have standards and expectations in life. Whether they are living in a certain neighborhood or the amount of money we want to make. There are many different types of standards that we may have set for our lives, relationships and careers. When it comes to dating, expectations can hinder ones chances of finding that “special someone”. Standards on the other can help you discover what you really want or need in a relationship. Most of the time standards don’t just pop into our heads like an idea. It is made and formed out of our values we learned as a kid and our lifestyle choices. Simply put, we develop these standards over time.

Standards should always precede expectations as they are the foundation markers for every relationship. Having standards for oneself is very important in finding a potential partner. When you’re setting standards you know yourself, you can set standards based on qualities or accomplishments that you’ve attained. I know many people who have stated that they won’t date anyone who doesn’t have a college degree. In this case, having a college degree is a minimum standard. However standards could limit or hurt your chances while dating if we get consumed with your “standards”. It is sometimes hard to differentiate between expectations and reality. One of the biggest misconception a lot of people have is that they want their partner must reciprocate all our feelings and agree with our opinions all the time. The fact is men and women are wired differently the way each of us approaches life situations and challenges is different, and to accept these differences and allow room for understanding the other is key to lasting happiness.

The key difference between expectations and standards is expectations are placed on others, while standards are things we place on ourselves. Men and women  both value standards, they make you more exclusive, and exclusivity is attractive. Expectations are ugly because they make you seem picky, especially if you react adversely to failed or met expectations. We all have our relationship pet-peeves and “deal-breakers”. The key is to not allow our list to become so extensive that we rule out viable potential partners. If the thought of trimming your list makes you cringe, and you feel like you are “settling” then you shouldn’t change your list. Although if you have unrealistic expectations for love or an relationship, and are unwilling to compromise on even your most superficial criteria — make sure you are prepared to accept the consequences. Love doesn’t always arrive in the package we expected but if the gift itself is good, consider hanging on to it.

Which do you think is more important standards or expectations and what are some of  the  standards and expectations that you expect for your relationship? Comment Below and if you like this post, like and please share!


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Realistic Thinking: Change Your Mindset

We’ve all have had conversations with ourselves about if our dreams are realistic or are we somewhere in the clouds thinking we can ever achieve them. This is usually when what I like to call the “maybe thoughts” creep into our mind. Then we start thinking things like “maybe I should have a backup plan because you never know what could happen”. This mindset and thought process has plagued many of us on our road to success. Many times we hinder our own success by simply thinking “realistic”. In many cases our family, friends or significant others reinforce this outlook that we need to be realistic about our goals and dreams. Most of the time their intention is not to discourage us from going after are goals but that they want you to have a concrete or safe plan. This advice can cause self-doubt and be very detrimental to our already predestined success.

Importance of Changing Our Thought Process

Changing our mindset is one first steps to accomplish whatever we set out to do. Majority of people know that going after your dreams can be overwhelming. Many of us know or have heard of someone who went after their dreams and it didn’t come true. The blatant truth is most people who have a goal that they set for themselves never achieve it. I have read many different articles, books and blog post that have stated 92% to 95% of our goals and dreams don’t come true. With so high stats it must be some missing ingredient that a lot of us don’t have. After some research I found an overwhelming majority of people who have reach their goals all agree on one thing “when my mindset changed everything changed”. Simply meaning that once they changed their thought process it made it easier to take the other necessary steps to achieve their dreams. A very successful entrepreneur once told “Before I accomplished anything I told myself I want this so bad that I’m willing to sleep in my car and get a gym membership and take my showers there until I’m successful”. His mindset was by any means necessary he was going to accomplish his goals. Now many of us don’t have to take our mindset to that extreme level unless we have extreme dreams.

No Limit to Success

Many people limit their own success by thinking what they can’t do and not what they can do. The power in our thoughts is more powerful than some of us believe. Thinking positive thoughts can change your whole outlook on life. Being realistic usually holds us back from our true potential and leads us to mediocrity. Making a practical choice is sometimes the better option for a lot of us, because we don’t truly believe in ourselves. Once we start to trust and believe in ourselves anything is achievable no matter what thinking realistic or in similar terms doubting ourselves really has no use in our lives if we want success.  Defining success is an important step towards this mindset shift many of us have different views on what that truly is as we found out on “How Do You Define Success”. After I wrote that article I started to ponder my true definition of success and I came up with “once you figure out your purpose in life is when you can truly find success”. Also I found that no matter your definition of success or the goal you want to achieve the underlying factor is your mindset. Once we change it for the better everything else will fall into place with unwavering hard work and dedication.

Have you had to change your mindset or thought process to achieve your goals in life? Comment Below & if you liked this post please share!

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Ask Jay #5 – How Long Does The Grind Really Take?


Hello Jay I wanted your advice about something that has been stressing me out lately.  I’ve been trying to make some major changes in my life over the past few years.  I’ve started the journey of changing my profession to my passion.  My passion is fashion untimely I want to become a fashion journalist/ blogger.  But my issue is how long it’s actually taking me to make this a reality I’ve been working hard especially lately plus I haven’t really seen much result.  Can you give me any suggestions or advice on how to stay focus on my goals.

– Anonymous


This was an interesting question that I find many people who are going after their dreams have trouble with. The difficult nature of making changes means that you will likely be putting in effort that will take you far beyond the point at which it is inspiring or fun. This stage is what I like to call “The Grind”, which starts when actions necessary to produce meaningful change become stressful, exhausting ,and tedious. Simply put if we really want something we have to ask ourselves two key questions. One “how bad do we want it” two “What are we willing to exchange for success”. Once we ask ourselves these questions can determine if we’re really focused and want to pursue our dreams.  This stage can last awhile until we can truly reach our end goal sometimes it can take years to finally reach them. One suggestion that I tell anyone who are chasing their dreams is to “stay patient and consistent”.  We need patience because going through this stage can take a toll on our mind. Being consistent and adopting a never give up mantra is imperative to getting through the grind stage. The Grind may not feel very good, but what does feel good is seeing your efforts pay off with the changes you want.

“You neither love nor hate this process simply accept it as part of the deal in striving toward a better you”

What are your thoughts have you been in this situation before? Comment below

Submit questions here!

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Don’t Wait Till New Year’s To Go after your Dreams

“Don’t wait till January 1st to start chasing your dreams. Any resolution important enough to make for the New Year, is important enough to start right now”

This year is coming to a close with less than a month to go. Many of us have been asked by friends or family members “Do you have any new year’s resolutions for the new year”? There is a huge misconception that we have to wait till January first to decide what “New Year resolutions” are. I remember doing this as a kid every year at midnight my whole family would go around the room and say our new goals for the new year.  This programmed my mind to think at an early age I can only make new goals with my life at the beginning of the year. As time has pasted  I’ve learned this is simply not the case.

New Goals

For example, we say we want a better job, we want to start a new workout plan, we want to improve our financial situation, etc. But for many of us these resolutions never come to fruition. The truth is that nothing is going to change until we’re completely honest with ourselves about why we’re not getting the results we want. It could be that we’re afraid of success, afraid to fail, let other people influence us,  don’t believe in ourselves  or other things.

Start Right Now

We can start at any time to start a new business venture, workout plan or just a simple lifestyle change. There is no time like the present. Nonetheless, the New Year is a time where many of us reflect on the year. We look at what has worked, what is working, and what may not have worked. Based on that, we usually come up with our new year’s resolutions. However, some of us set the same goals each year because we still haven’t accomplished them from each previous year. Some of us set goals and start off strong then eventually lose the momentum and forget all about it. Therefore, the goals have yet to be accomplished. And still, we’re complaining about the same things. .

Reality of Our Dreams

The reality is that if we want to achieve a goal or dream we have to do the work that is required to accomplish it. If we keep doing the same thing we will get the same results and have the same year we’ve had before. With that being said, one of the most important things we can do to make our dreams a reality is reevaluate who we choose to associate with. If we’re working towards our dreams we need people around us that are supportive and helping us toward our goal. A wise man once said “You’ll be successful as the people you talk to for no reason”.

Final Thoughts

In the end we have to go after what we want in life. No matter if its January 1st or September 1st  there is never a perfect time to start the process. We all deserve to live the life of our dreams. If what you’re doing isn’t working don’t get discourage just reevaluate, re-brand and stay positive towards your predestined success.

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Who Are You Spending Time With?

A couple of weeks ago I had a discussion with a friend of mine about what it takes to achieve our goals in life. The main conclusion of this conversation is that a large amount of how successful we are in life comes down to the people we spend our time with. Strange as it may sound no matter how independent or self-efficient we are greatly influenced by those closest to us.

Impact People Have on Us

Many of us have all type of relationships some platonic, significant other, co-workers, or family members. However sometimes we don’t realize the power they can have on our lives. If you want to know where your life is heading look at your friends. If your friends are going places, have a spirit of excellence, kind, generous, courteous, and pursuit of success then those qualities are going to rub off on you.

The Significance ‘The Wrong People’ Can Have

Associating with the wrong people can affect our lives in a major way. The wrong people can negatively influence, discourage and mislead us just because they might not have our best interest at heart. The great thing is there are a bunch of amazing, positive, goal oriented people just waiting to help improve and shape our life in a positive direction. But here’s the key: If you’re spending time with the wrong people, you’ll never meet the right ones. A quote that always resonates with me is “You can’t hang out with chickens and expect to soar with eagles”. This simply means that if you want to reach your already predestined greatness hanging with people that aren’t going any place will only drag you down.

Who Are You Spending Time With?

Unsuccessful people find other unsuccessful people in other words birds of a feather flock together. Making sure the people closest to you are heading towards success is crucial. My challenge is simple no matter how smart, talented, how many skills you have acquired, where you are from or your family background. All that matters is where you want to be in life and the people you surround yourself with.  An additional thought, you shouldn’t spend a lot of time with people that are always negative, people that are constantly discouraged, you have to keep them cheered up, keep helping them fix their problems Now, I am huge component of helping other people I have dedicated my whole life to do so. But if you are constantly giving to a relationship or friendship, and aren’t receiving anything in return you might have to reconsider if that person is someone you should be spending your time with.

Final Thoughts

If we are on the road to success we must surround ourselves with the ‘right people’. The key that most all successful people point to is “when I changed my friends and the people I surround myself with my whole life completely changed”. Sometimes we tend to pick up on habits of our friends without even noticing it. We all have friendships that started off great then became toxic and it can be difficult to end a relationship or friendships after you have invested a lot of time, effort and energy. Have you ever had friends or family who weren’t right for you at that moment in your life? Also have you found those great people in your life who influence and help improve your life? Comment below & if you liked this post please share!

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Social Media Networking Event

We all know how important it is to have social media to build our brand no matter if it’s our personal or business brand. Having a brand and  keeping it strong is imperative to success on the internet. However building a following can be difficult when we first get started. So today I wanted to share a opportunity to anyone who has Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page. I will follow or like anyone who comments their social media pages. All you have to do is follow mine back in return easy right!

Anyone can participate in this event all you have to do is comment your social media pages in the comment section & don’t forget to follow all my pages. Also If you could share and re-blog this post so we can reach as many bloggers as possible!


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5 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget

In today’s economy eating healthy for many of us is not a top priority when we have a tight budget. Meal planning and grocery shopping can be challenging and sometimes downright overwhelming with most healthy food choices are more expensive than food that is usually not as healthy.  This has prompted me to share five tips we can all use to eat healthy on a tight budget.

  1. Make Your Food Budget Go Farther:

Nowadays it can be difficult to stretch your “food dollars” if you don’t understand how to budget. The great thing that we all have access to is the internet where there are discount and coupons that we can all use to find bargains. Many online retailers carry the same brands seen in grocery stores for discounted prices. This is sometimes unpublicized, but is a great way to eat healthier and stick to our budget.

  1. Cook at Home:

This is an easy and much cheaper option than eating out at a restaurant or fast-food establishment. Generally, when we cook at home we can cook for a family of four for the same price as buying dinner for two at a restaurant. Also by cooking for ourselves we gain the benefit of knowing what’s exactly in our food.

  1. Try Less Expensive Cuts of Meat:

We can still enjoy meat, even when we’re on a tight budget. Look for less expensive cuts of meat, like chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts, and try different cooking methods, like the slow cooker, to make tougher cuts of meat tender and juicy. Also try to cook with a little less seasonings and drain the excess fat on your meat.

  1. Prioritize Eating Healthy:

This is probably the most important but underlooked keys when eating healthy on a budget. The fact of the matter is many of us don’t make eating healthy a priority when it comes to our finances. Once we first make a budget then take a look at how we are spending our money and consider what things are important to us. Then we will be on the right track to a healthier life.

  1. Shop Local:

There is a huge misconception that buying a your local farmer’s market can be extremely expensive than buying food from grocery stores I.e. Wal-Mart, Target and Kroger’s. This is typically not the case, especially if you are willing to buy in bulk and can, dry, or freeze the foods you purchase. When you buy in bulk you can not only save money but have a healthier food that you and your body will appreciate.

In the end eating healthy on budget can be problematic, but done properly can be achieved. Do you have any tips that you use to eat healthy? I would love to hear them in the comments below and if you enjoyed this post please share!

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Monday Question: What Do You Desire?

Many people face this question everyday deciding what do we want to do or how do we want to spend our life. This can be a difficult and perplexing when figuring out what direction our life is headed. Often times we do things we don’t like or feel like we have to do. This can potentially make us miserable and live life on a day to day basis. Without following our desires or dreams it can hold us back from living the life we are destined to live.

Where to Start

I often get asked “I want to go after my dreams and passion but it’s not that simple for me I don’t know how to actually get started”. This can be a conundrum for many of us because just starting can be the most challenging and sometimes overwhelming time. We all know saying what we want to do is easy compared to actually actively trying to achieve it. Most aficionados will tell you that the best way to “get started” is to just start. Often times we get bogged down with the process of starting that we delay actually starting. We all know that for any amount of success we need a plan, but sometimes we need to just start the process then go back and clean up the particulars.

Take Control of Your Life

Many of us want to follow our dreams or passions but seem to never do so. This happens often because we let obstacles such as failure, monetary issues and social/family pressures that influence our lives. These are all justified reasons to claim why we never went after what we really wanted. On the hand if we never follow our heart we might regret it in the future. About a month in a half ago someone express to me “I can’t follow my dreams because that doesn’t make enough money…so I rather do something that is guaranteed to make money”. This statement had me pondering for several weeks, because as we all know money is important to live in today’s society. Then I came to the realization that if we base our lives solely on money we will live a pretty empty and passionless life. We may have a lot of money but deep down we know that we are unhappy. If we choose monetary gain over our heart’s passion.

Final Thoughts

A great philosopher once said “It’s better to have a short life doing what you love than a long life doing what you have to”. This simply means doing what you love will give you the maximum amount of happiness in our lives. This bring up the question what would you do if money wasn’t an option? Comment below & if you liked this post please share!

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