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Reasons People Stay with Cheaters

On social media it may seem like if someone is unfaithful to their partner they will immediately end their relationship. But in reality this is not the case so I will tell you a few points why people stay with … Continue reading

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Is a College Degree Worth it?

The “Recession” officially ended in June 2009, nearly six years ago. However, the job market has made slow progress toward a full recovery. This brings up the topic is a “college degree really worth it”? This question became more apparent … Continue reading

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How To Know If You’re Ugly

In today’s society most people are overly concerned with their outward appearance so here 4 ways to know if you are ugly. 1. If you never heard a complement outside of your family your ugly. 2. If nobody ever wants … Continue reading

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Benefits of Being Broke

A lot of people look at the downfall of being broke but today I will tell you six benefits of being broke. 1. You get a tax refund check rich people don’t get a refund. 2. You learn how to … Continue reading

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