Can Someone Really Be Single?

In today’s society I tend to believe that most people understand that the opposite of being in relationship is being single. But nowadays due to internet post, blogs and social media. It seems as if you can never be truly single. I always wondered what being single really means. I always thought that if you were single you have the freedom to do anything you would like to. One would think this concept would easily be grasped and wouldn’t be disputed. However in my daily interaction with people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders and social classes don’t all believe this to be true. Some conceive that being single is time to be get to know one’s self and reevaluate past dating decisions. I will give you four ways I believe a single person should act or behave.

1. You can do whatever you want and it’s great

This is especially relevant to someone who has just came out of a heartbreak you might be feeling, there’s a part of you that’s enjoying watching what you want on Netflix and making plans without having to take someone else into account.

2. It’s all about you and your life goals. No one else

Get to know what you really want in your life. Go Hook up with that hot guy or girl and never see him or her again? Do it. Why not. Life at this moment is all about doing what you feel like is best for you.

3. Stay single for three months

The worst thing most newly single can do is rush back into another relationship. This is a time to learn what you like and dislike so you’ll be less likely to jump into a relationship for the wrong reasons.

4. Find Yourself

The easiest path to a happy, healthy relationship is understanding what you like and what makes you happy. During this time discover your goals and ambitions, and write down your priorities and things you look for in a relationship.





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About Jay Colby

Some would categorize me as an entrepreneur, life coach, son, friend and all of the above. I’m just another person trying to find my way in this world. Until recently, I was unsure what my path in this life would consist of. Like many others I was between I know what I want to do but not sure if that’s what I’m supposed to do. I am currently finishing my degree in something that has nothing to do with becoming a writer or entrepreneur so automatically it qualifies me to become one right! Follow me as I go through this journey called life to impact and encourage one person at a time.
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7 Responses to Can Someone Really Be Single?

  1. camjay says:

    Some people are in love wit the thought of being in a relationship so much that even when their not in one the want to be in one .

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  2. Laoteacher says:

    Good post. Reminded me of the Jennifer Lopez InStyle interview in which she said she was taking time for herself and is okay with being single.

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  3. Being single is rather fun in my opinion at best. People are prone to being in love with being in love. I enjoyed the last part best individuals should be more free willed and do things for themselves not for the sake of being with another person or a for just the sake of doing something because it’s for comfort.

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  5. Great post. Being single is nothing but a choice and it can be fun!

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  6. Interesting post. Having been single for over 37 years, i can truly say , yes you can be single. Sometimes it isn’t all its cracked up to be, sometimes its very liberating. You definitely learn a lot about yourself , others and the world around you.

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