Ask Jay #4 – What is a Successful Blog?


Hey Jay I like the way you run your blog and see that you have experience in doing so. I’m eager to learn about how to improve on my own blog and more about blogging in general, I wanted to know if I could get your thoughts on a successful blog.

– Anonymous


This is a great question that most all bloggers have thought about at one time or another. One suggestion I would give to anyone who wants to start a blog or already has one to always stay true to yourself and success for you will happen. I say this because there are many different definitions of success. Some would say success of a blog would be views and the amount of traffic their blogs receives. Others may say I just want to tell my message to the world and if only one person reads it then I’m “happy”. I tend to believe sometimes we put to much pressure on ourselves to live up to more establish blogs. Who more and likely have been blogging for years until they grew their site to the level it is at today. In the end if we really want to grow our blog we have to stay to true to ourselves, work hard and be passionate about the message we’re trying to convey to the world.

What do you think a successful blog is? Comment below.

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Some would categorize me as an entrepreneur, life coach, son, friend and all of the above. I’m just another person trying to find my way in this world. Until recently, I was unsure what my path in this life would consist of. Like many others I was between I know what I want to do but not sure if that’s what I’m supposed to do. I am currently finishing my degree in something that has nothing to do with becoming a writer or entrepreneur so automatically it qualifies me to become one right! Follow me as I go through this journey called life to impact and encourage one person at a time.
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29 Responses to Ask Jay #4 – What is a Successful Blog?

  1. Deepika says:

    I absolutely agree with you! we need to stay true to ourselves!

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  2. geminilvr says:

    I completely agree. Stay true to yourself and be vulnerable, write what you know and feel not what you think people want to hear

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  3. kbeezyisviral says:

    A successful blog is one that conveys a message to empower, encourage and improve the condition of humanity. It can be through many different scopes. It’s all about producing quality content, not the number of views, likes or followers.

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  4. Ask Me says:

    Great post! **taking notes**

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  5. S.C. Happily says:

    Passion truly brings success in every aspect of life. I enjoy your blog because I see and feel your passion. Definitely a great role-model

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  6. Bhavana Jha says:

    Thank you for the positive post! This is simply what I wished to read today!

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  7. I try to remember the reason I started blogging in the first place and keep that in mind whenever I write a post.

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  8. Great post! For anyone starting a blog, I can tell you why I love Jay’s blog – he writes a LOT – he writes really WELL (i.e., takes time to produce a good product) – and he always asks a question that gets the readers engaged. Is it any wonder he has over 4,000 followers…? 🙂

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  10. avakayy says:

    Love your post. I agree that we do need to stay true to ourselves. I just started blogging and I love it!

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  11. Life Memoirs Blog says:

    For me successful blog is people getting some inspiration out of your blog,traffic and likes though are measured as success rate but I don’t believe in it

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  12. I hope to fall into this category 😉.. Good work!!

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  13. Aiesha Inspires says:

    Please check your Twitter and great post by the way.

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  14. akucbol says:

    Yeah I agree. Staying true to what you believe in gives the content you share meaning and purpose, and there’s naturally a real passion to what you say and do! Cheers for sharing ! x


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