Should Americans Trust the Government?

Since the United States was founded on July 4, 1776 there has always been somewhat of a distrust or discomfort from the American people and its Government. Due to media portrayals of the Government the people perception continues to sway. In recent history, our current President Donald Trump has made headlines in just over a month in office. His executive orders most notable Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States has caused many Americans to be outraged. With tension at an all-time high in the United States with concerns of social issues, lack of jobs, immigration legislation and threats of terrorist attacks. Has caused many Americans to be concerned about the direction our county is heading towards. There is little faith that our elected officials can help “Make America Great Again”. Which can be perceived as a negative implication depending on what side of the fence your ancestors fall on.

Why Do Americans Distrust the Government?

 The motto in America that has always stand strong is the ideal that we the people will stand together. However, as many Americans can attest to many of America’s moral principles and ideas have not been kept. This adding to the distrust to a Government that lacks transparency to its people and often tells them whatever they think the people want to hear. Thus, making it difficult for anyone to believe in a Government who can be charged with routinely lying to its people. Trust and confidence in government waxes and wanes as unpopular war or economic recession deflates the numbers. Simply said when there is a war going on that many people are against or when there are a lack of jobs subsequently causes the public to not trust the Government.

Public Cynicism

The public’s trust in the federal government continues to be at historically low level. Only 19% of Americans today say they can trust the government in Washington D.C. Fewer than three-in-ten Americans have expressed trust in the federal government in every major national poll conducted since July 2007. The erosion of public trust in government began in the 1960’s.

Minorities & Government

There has been a distrust from minority groups in the U.S since slavery. In recent years, the distrust from minorities towards the Government has been increased by police shootings of unarmed black men and the unsafe water epidemic in Flint, Michigan which has still yet to be solved. The distrust doesn’t just stop with Blacks it also reaches many other racial groups. One of the most prominent issues in our nation to date is the immigration policy and the President’s plan to build a wall around the Mexican border. These issues all cause many minorities to have little to no faith in the U.S government.

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34 Responses to Should Americans Trust the Government?

  1. Great article Jay. This topic is one I have been pouring over these past months on a consistent basis and learning so much of what I either forgot since my school years, grade school, high school, junior college, universities, grad/post grad or just plain didn’t pay attention. Some great reads on this topic are:
    “The Constitution of the United States of America”. This is the foundation. Then read,
    “The 5000 year leap” by Skossen and your eyes will open. Then follow up with,
    “UP from Slavery” by Booker T Washington for nuggets of pure gold, then top it off with,
    “The Crowd – A study of the Popular Mind” by Gustave Le Bon.
    These books and a whole list of others allow us to see beyond what politicians say, reporters report, and most of all what our friends cite as their opinions but accept as the gospel truth. I loved the line a politician used once as he was running for office. Standing in front of a WALL of 100’s of volumes of law books he said “somewhere in all these books the we lost site of what is right and what is wrong”. Just some thoughts on a very worthwhile topic dialogue not monologue.

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  2. In times like this it is very hard to trust. But, “we the people” have to be more active in politics. VOTE! It doesn’t matter if your candidate for president won if the checks and balances sway one way. We have to Vote locally and in state elections also.
    I’m sure most of us don’t trust government, but we have to stop saying it and do more as a people.

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  3. fictionspawn says:

    Thank you for bringing up an important issue, Jay Colby. I strongly believe that no government can ever be completely trusted. That is why we need to reform or change the way political power is distributed. Freedom and equality should be the goals we are reaching for. Power and extreme wealth can not be combined with these two.

    The powerful should always be less powerful to ensure stability in this world. The currant American government is a culmination of economic and political power, which makes it all so much more dangerous.

    A story says the great logicist Kurt Gödel in his interview to enter USA claimed to be able to prove the American democracy was inconsistent and in danger of falling into fascism. His close friend Albert Einstein was there to help him out, and made him change the subject in fear of his friend being denied entrance.

    Let’s hope he was wrong.

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  4. To trust or not trust is one’s opinion but God put them there to lead. We are to support them whether we like them or not, we are to pray for them and or nation and the decisions they make. So instead of making nasty comments about our government pray for them. Please!

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Jay, I don’t know what news channel you are using but I would flush it down the toilet. Our country IS on back on track and it’s because of the supreme sacrifice President Trump, his family and his entire cabinet are making on our behalf. And if you are wondering about American’s losing faith in it’s leaders I suggest you go to a Trump rally and get a dose of reality. Ten’s of thousands of AMERICANS show up with total trust and confidence in this new and REAL administration. This kind of post is what causes uniformed Americans to go around gossiping and speculating. In all honesty I expect better from you bro. Our new President is doing EXACTLY what he promised on the campaign trail, he hasn’t broken one promise, not one. That little fact puts him so far beyond everyone of his contemporary predecessors.


  6. emotionsoflife2016 says:

    No. Cause there is always a shadow behind it all that makes it all feel…….that something wrong is going on. Perhaps it’s just me

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  7. I’m not American, but I believe we should always be questioning our leaders. Whoever’s in charge, let them they know that the people are watching. I think we’ve become to complacent and that’s why people like Trump get into power. There is a very small group that agree with what Trump is doing is actually a good thing, but they are always loud and they always show up. It’s like that saying “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke. You have to show up.

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  8. I believe we dont have a choice everything is decided by higher power, but thats just my opinion. Great article, might make some people open their minds, which is always a good thing. Great content, keep it up.

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  9. slgamache says:

    The political situation has been so tense in our country lately that it is a topic I don’t talk much about except with a few close family members. I respect that we each have our own opinions. Your article will speak to some and not to others, but isn’t that the way for everything. Kudos for you for stating how you feel and what you belive


  10. I am not an American. But I guess there is no perfect leader in any country. Great article.

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  11. Rabz Haq says:

    I’m not an american but in every country we should convey it to the leaders somehow that we are there who elected them and they should know what we think and what.
    Great post.

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  12. Neha kumari says:

    Great post. Trust is something you don’t just start over night. With trust you voted for that government. So, government should know what people needs and expectations.

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  13. vijee djega says:

    Excellent article Jay. I really liked your take on all this. Yes, the US election and the current President is dominating the news cycles the world over and not just for the best of reasons. I am an Indian origin French citizen who has lived and worked in a lot of places in Australia, Asia, America, Africa – expat :-). I have families and friends in the US who have been there for decades and I am worried for them. I am worried for us too here in Paris, France as our national elections are coming up too. Rumblings of the far right parties emerging on to the spotlight here is worrying. Common citizens have to speak up. We have to bond, communicate, resist and speak up. We cannot stay silent and un-involved. Keep writing about this. This is important.

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  14. Dusica says:

    I think that unfortunately, nobody trusts the government ’cause they lie 🙂

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  15. Dia Darling says:

    It’s such a hard thing to pinpoint but when you have multiple parties that have different views and are also backed with companies with views and priorities you can’t trust that they are looking out for your best interest. Especially lately. I think it can kind of be summed up like having four kids with the same birthday…you have to try to find an activity they all will enjoy, you can’t afford 4 cakes…. someone will always be unhappy and you won’t always make the right choice and you may even have a favorite in the mix that makes you biased.

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  16. kemkem says:

    My answer would be NO at this point in time 😦

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  17. That New Girl says:

    I’m not American so can’t go in depth on issues I don’t experience but hear about far too often. All I can really say is I hope there’s clarity and transparency for all and between all. The opposite of that will not make the world any better of a place to be.

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  18. I only trust God and what I can do in my power. If we wait around for other folks to do stuff for us, it will never get done. Run for local government and vote folks out who are not doing their jobs.

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  19. I don’t put complete trust in the government or any government really. However, at this point I’m over the media and both parties of the government. I’ll continue to do my part and stay informed so that when it’s time to vote I can put my energies toward doing something constructive.

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  20. Aija says:

    My short answer – as your analysis shows minorities have almost no reason to trust the government. Even with all of that, as a community we sometimes seem to have a passive attitude towards doing things that have an impact. I’m hopeful that we’ve been awakenwd and will be more active, vote in local and midterm elections, and more importantly run for office. 😬

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  21. I never had complete trust in the government. I trusted the government more when President Obama was in office but now…absolutely NOT! The next 4 years will be very interesting.

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  22. cleverlychanging says:

    The distrust comes even before slavery. The pilgrims did not arrive here on a merry adventure to escape persecution, they were kicked out of England and came here and immediately began to claim a land that was already inhabited.

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  23. I’ve always had a distrust in the government to an extent. I think before my distrust came from a place of understanding that we will never know everthing happening behind closed doors. Now, it’s different because with current leadership in Congress and the Whitehouse it feels more evident that decisions made really don’t have our best interest at heart. A prime example is this bill for allowing emplowers to mandate genetic testing for employees. There’s no way I trust corporations or the government to have access to that type of information when the people in leadership are lead by greed and self interest.

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  24. Jonna says:

    It’s a slippy slop because as much as you depend on government on a daily basis, it’s scary to not trust it. Always wondering if everyone’s best interests are being protected.

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  25. grevisangel73 says:

    I am sorry Anonymous, but I disagree with you, but you are entitled to your opinion. No, I do not trust the government. Nor should anyone. Citizens must always be vigilant, because the power, money and influence has a way of directing laws and consequences that affect everyone.
    Our current president does not even have a grasp on reality, acts and talks irrationals and has done nothing to prove the only interests he has are his own.
    Just because people go to a rally he has, means nothing. Do you know anything about history? Hitler had massive crowds,. I could go on and on, but most people that attend them I do not think they have a clue. When it hits them in the pocketbooks and it soon will, he wont be making an rally appearances, but hiding.

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