Is Love Overrated?

Most of us want and desire to be loved. Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. People express love in a variety of ways. This diversity in love and loving has made expressing and finding love in today’s society a bit complex for some people. This would compel some to say “love is overrated”.

Love is Overvalued

Some may argue and say love is something that has lasting power and that is important, but it shouldn’t be considered a requirement. Some people can get enough love from common relationships that they don’t need love in the sense most people think. Also love can be deemed overvalued because of pain or the lack of love we have received in our life.

Love is Life

For some, romantic relationships are the most meaningful element in their lives, providing a source of deep fulfillment. The ability to have a healthy, loving relationship is not innate. A great deal of evidence suggests that the ability to form a stable relationship begins in infancy, in a child’s earliest experiences with its mother and farther. Which the child relies on to meets their needs for food, care, protection, stimulation, and social contact. This plays a major factor on our view of love. The question still remains is love overrated and does our past experience effect our ability to love?

What are your thoughts do you think love is overrated?

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6 Responses to Is Love Overrated?

  1. Rebecca MKT says:

    Yes. That’s all. 🙂

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  2. Monica says:

    I think romantic love is overrated but that agape love that we should have for one another as human beings, living souls is crucial to our lives. Great article!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Love is neither, over/underrated. The fact that people have, “levels” to love is disheartening. Three biggest gifts God gave us (if you believe in that sorta thing) are, life, love, and happiness. So it can never be overrated.

    However, love [is] underrated by modern society. It seemed like, prior to the 80’s love was more prevalent. Love songs, love ballads, movies about love, love movements, etc. Now it seems like, people pound their chest for not loving someone or something. People run from love, don’t fall in love, don’t these these….well you know. And not that you should love a H…., I’m just saying that, people are so desensitized by social media and negativity, that they underrate the power of love and it’s impact on just about everything.

    That being said, pain has to exist with love. One is a direct result of the other. Some pain is good. Some is awful (as we all know). But you can’t appreciate a thing unless you experience, what it’s like to not have it.

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  4. Love is not overrated. I think that people need to learn how to be patient and stop rushing into things. Self-love is more important than finding a person to be to be intimate with.

    However, I will say that being an adult is so overrated 😊

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