Does Money Matter When Dating?

When it comes to money we all know that we need it to survive. Without money we would go without food, shelter, clothes and many other necessary things we need to live a wonderful and abundant life.  However, when it comes to dating money can be problematic either having too little or in some cases having an excessive amount of money.

Should We Ask?

Often times in dating there is a period where we are just getting to know someone and they peek our interest. We have started dating them and we see a future with this person. At this point some may argue that we should then ask “how much money do you make” or a more slick way around the question is “what do you do for a living”. Now asking harmless questions are not a big deal, because we are simply making conversation.  The problem comes into play when we get an answer we don’t like such as “ I’m a fast food worker” or “I’m currently job searching”.

Should We Date someone Outside  Our ‘Tax Bracket’

There are many marriage counselors, life coaches and aficionados of dating would say not to limit our dating prospects by putting a cap on who we can date. Many people have different opinions on this subject a few weeks ago while doing research for my upcoming podcast show I had this discussion with about forty different woman and about twenty different men.  I found their answers quite interesting and thought-provoking the majority of the woman I asked said “they wouldn’t date anyone who made less than them.  This was interesting because it differed from some of the research I’ve done on the particular topic. Men on the other hand matched my research perfectly by all twenty of the men saying they really don’t care how much money their partner makes as long as they are successful.

Does Money Matter?

Now some may make the claim that “money doesn’t matter and we should look on the inside of a person’s heart and not their wallet”. Others may say “Love don’t pay the bills” both statements have some truth to them and in my opinion deserves a middle ground. Saying money doesn’t matter at all is a bit of a stretch, but money being the only factor whether we decide to date someone or not is also problematic.

Final Thoughts

In the end money does matter to a certain extent, but shouldn’t be the determining factor in choosing to date someone or not.  So the question still remains does money matter when dating?  Comment your thought below in the comment section & if you liked this post please share!


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94 Responses to Does Money Matter When Dating?

  1. I’m planning to date a guy who seems to be swimming in money. There is the question of “will I be able to afford the places we go out to while we date and get to know each other?” Although this will not stop me from dating him but yes it’s there in my mind. If we reach a point where I have to repeatedly say that the place is beyond my budget it will be a damper, won’t it?

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  2. dynaxty says:

    Great post! Money is very necessary

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  3. I do think money plays a role in dating, but I agree that it’s not the most important aspect. It is comforting to not have to worry about how much you spend when going out or feeling conscious about what your spending when you’re wanting to have a good time with someone and get to know them not through the lens of earnings.

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  4. Money does matters. I would rather be single than date someone who is 250,000 in debt. Which 250,000 is the cost average of a child.

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  5. jane tims says:

    When you pool your money, you both have more. My husband and I are unequal earners but together, we have done better than either of us would have alone!

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