The Pursuit of Greatness: How To Overcome Your Fears

During the pursuit of greatness negative or fearful thoughts always seem to come across our mind at one point or another. Whether it’s those seemingly omnipresent thoughts that remind us of all the failures we’ve had in the past. Majority of us go through times where even the most confident of us has encountered some sort of self-doubt. Overcoming this doubt can be more challenging to some depending on the level of  doubt we have.

In many cases what keeps many of us from reaching success is the reluctance to change and unwillingness to sacrifice. No matter the goal we have set for ourselves nine times out of ten we’re going to have to sacrifice something to accomplish it. Whether it’s time, money, sleep, hanging out with friends or lessening the time we spend on social media.

What Path Are You On?

Many times in the effort to minimize stress we choose to take the “safe route” or don’t take any risk whatsoever.  Unfortunately, every human being on this earth no matter what race, color or background only lives once. Therefore, if we don’t take any chances to live the life we truly want we can never get it back. I remember a wise woman once told me “You can always get different jobs, change careers, but you can never get time back… no matter how much money you have time is something none us can get back so you might as well spend your time doing something you actually love to do.”

Combating Fear & Self Doubt

One of the easiest ways to overcome fear and self-doubt is to just do it. Sounds simple and easier said than done right? However, a method I’ve used over the years that has always works for me is the 5 Second Rule. This rule can be utilized in any situation where fear or self-doubt plays a role. To apply the rule all you have to do is when fear or self-doubt starts to creep in stop everything you’re doing count to 5 and clear your mind. After you count to five say five reasons why you can achieve your goal, five accomplishments you’ve made in the past and five positive qualities  you like about yourself. This not only helps with your fear, but trains your mind to rid itself of those negative and limiting beliefs.

Final Thoughts

On our path to greatness we will most likely encounter some sort of negative thoughts, self-doubt or negative people. However, we have to keep our positive mindset, because in the end if we choose to give up on our dreams we will only regret it later. I remember speaking with mentor of mind a few months ago and he asked me one simple question “If you could fast forward your life and you were 82 years old would you be satisfied with your current life or would you have regrets?

What are your thoughts? If you were 82 years old right now and the only things in life you accomplished is everything you’ve done up to this very moment. Would you be satisfied with your life or would you have any regrets? 

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6 Responses to The Pursuit of Greatness: How To Overcome Your Fears

  1. Very good article sir! Fear exists in our mind, but our reaction makes it tangible. If we give in, it affects us. If we push through and beyond the fear, we grow. I like when people break through personal “fear barriers”. It makes them stronger. Makes them wiser.

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  2. jfwknifton says:

    Given that I have not spent my life as a complete fool, I would say that I have always regretted what I didn’t do, rather than what I did do.

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  3. Judy says:

    I’m going to try the 5 Second Rule. Thank you.

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  4. Really needed to see this today. Thanks, Jay Colby. As always, a very thoughtful read!

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