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We all know how important it is to have social media to build our brand no matter if it’s our personal or business brand. Having a brand and  keeping it strong is imperative to success on the internet. However building a following can be difficult when we first get started. So today I wanted to share a opportunity to anyone who has Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page. I will follow or like anyone who comments their social media pages. All you have to do is follow mine back in return easy right!

Anyone can participate in this event all you have to do is comment your social media pages in the comment section & don’t forget to follow all my pages. Also If you could share and re-blog this post so we can reach as many bloggers as possible!


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Staying Positive In A Negative World

If you haven’t noticed that we live in a negative world, you just haven’t been paying attention. Whether it’s social media, news outlets, movies or just mainstream society there are countless number of negative images displayed in the world today. These negative influences have been especially evident during the past couple of years with the emergence of various news stories that have portrayed a negative narrative. These stories have created many debates, discussions and in some cases violence such as the apparent police brutality cases that have spread over many news stations over the past couple of years. Not to mention the presidential campaign that has brought up many negative and tasteless messages.  Then if you add in things like sickness, the loss of a job, or marriage problems, and you can easily see where over time the pressures of the world have caused some of us to lose our positive outlooks and steal the love and joy from our life.

It is very easy to let all these negative influence’s get us down and have us in a state of self-pity but it is imperative for us to stay positive despite the negativity that surrounds us. It is our decision to stay positive. It is our decision to live in peace, not in frustration with the way things are going. We make hundreds to thousands of decisions every day. Such as, when to wake up, what to wear, what to eat, what to work on and what to put off for another day, what to watch, read or listen to. We can’t get away from making choices. The world around us may be negative  we may hear it daily  where its gas prices rising, economy getting worse , real estate sales down ,food prices rising, which political candidate will become the next president and on and on it goes. In light of all the things that may be going on around us being positive is a crucial component to having a successful and happy life. This was one of my main purposes of starting this website to be a positive outlet for anyone reading my post to show the world that there still is some positivity left in this world.

Here are a few techniques that can be used to maintain a positive outlook when the world seems so incredibly negative:

  1. Control The Negative People In Your Life:

This is very essential to having a positive outlook because if you surround self with what I like to call “Negative Nancy’s”. It can bring you down and have your mind fill with negative thoughts. Make sure the people you surround yourself with are people who bring out the absolute best in you, not people who drag you down.

  1. Pray / Meditate:

This is a key component to staying positive its gives you another outlet to relive some of the daily stress. A simple two-phrase prayer can sometimes lift all the negativity off your shoulders.

  1. Laugh:

To simply laugh sometimes does the body well like medicine because laughter causes you to stay in present moment and enjoy it.

  1. Disconnect:

Sometimes it’s good to get away from friends, family, social media, TV and our cell phone and shut down and just give our mind a break.

Lastly there is nothing left to do but take action and begin improving your life and the people around you. If people live good lives, the allure of living in a negative way is suddenly gone. And remember, everyone does better when everyone does better. Comment below if you live your life with a positive outlook or is it a struggle to do so. Also if you liked this post don’t forget to like and please share!

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Moving Forward: Letting Go Of The Past

The Pain

We’ve all been hurt before whether it was by a complete stranger, family member, close friend or significant other. It’s pretty much inevitable for us to experience some kind of emotional pain. Sometimes the pain from this can affect us in our daily lives and cause us to hold grudges, and anger towards people who in some cases did nothing to cause us pain. This can be challenging when navigating relationships both professional and personal.

The Next Step

Stuck in the past? Are you concerned about the wrongs people have done to you in the past? A lot of times it is hard to shake these depressing thoughts and not hold on to the pain that person caused. The issue then becomes much bigger than the “hurt” but what we do with it is more vital than the hurt itself. If we hold on to the pain it will only cause more pain. It’s important to ask ourselves is holding a grudge really going to help us have a happier and successful life?

Moving Forward

Our minds are one of our most powerful weapons that sometimes we don’t utilize properly. You can do anything in the world by thinking the right way. Most people want to live a life full of joy and happiness that can easily be accomplished by using our minds. If you just take the time to let go of all of the past problems, disagreements, heartache and pain and realize all those were just a stepping stone for you to move into your purpose.

Changing Our Mindset

Once you let go of the past and move forward some might ask move forward for what? The simple answer to this is to anything you want. When you finally let that hurt, pain and heartache go LITERALLY ANYTHING is possible. Now you can focus on whatever makes you happy in life which in the end is what we all want. Having a great mindset sets truly happy and successful people apart from those who never let go of the past. The thoughts you have, are vital to leaving the past behind to a truly bigger and better life.

Everyone has had some type of pain, hurt or heartache in their lives. Do you remember what yours was & how did you get past it? Comment below and if you like this post please share!

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How To Manage Your 9-5 & Side Hustle

For the majority of us who have entrepreneurial aspirations, but may not have the capital to start our own business without taking out a loan or borrowing from a family member. Often times the best option is to have a side a hustle. A side hustle provides an extra source of income that many of us need in today’s society where the cost of living goes up yearly. Although the idea of a side hustle is promising it leaves us with the duty of juggling our full-time job and other responsibilities with the extra work of a side hustle.

While finding the perfect balance between your side hustle and your full-time job there are a number of things you can do to manage your side hustle to avoid the always looming burnout. Here are a few tips and methods to manage your side hustle.

1. Set an End Goal – With any goal we need to have a destination on where we see ourselves throughout the whole process of our goal. Setting an end or short-term goal with side hustling is beneficial to keeping your goal at the forefront of your mind.

2. Work/life balance – When we have a side hustle having work life balance can be a difficult task. In any entrepreneurial endeavor, our business becomes integrated into our lives and we’ll find that our brain will always be buzzing with ideas. However, it’s always important to take some time to relax and give your brain a break. Rather its watching your favorite TV show, hanging out with friends/family or listen to relaxing music we all need time for balance.

3. Sacrifice & Prioritize – Generally, when you add extra work hours to your schedule usually you have to sacrifice something in your life. Rather it be binge watching shows on Netflix, hanging out with friends or spending countless hours on social media scrolling. These few sacrifices will help you gain back more time and energy to side hustle to balance things out.

4. Don’t listen to the Naysayers – No matter what we do in life there will be people who want to see you fail or simply just don’t believe you can achieve your goal. Often times, people who might be closes to you may not believe in your vision. Sometimes reflecting their own fears onto you by dismissing your goals. In the end, we have to learn to not let other people words affect us.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately if your goal is to be a full-time entrepreneur you have to look at your 9-5 as a means to an end. Whether we enjoy our job or not we have to take advantage of the opportunity to be able to have the security of a 9-5, but still have the opportunity to follow our dreams. A wise woman once told me “Even though I might work 40 hours on my job… and only work about 20 hours on my dreams… I’ve trained my mind to keep my entrepreneur endeavors at the forefront of my mind.”

What is your side hustle goals for the remainder of the year? How do you manage your side hustle and your 9-5? Comment below & if you liked this article please share!

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How To Find Happiness During ‘The Process’

For most people who’re going after a specific goal we often go to sleep with a ton of ideas, concepts and maybe a to do list of things we need to do the following day. This is common for anyone working towards a goal and we’ve all found ourselves doing this once or twice. However, this can become problematic when we start to not enjoy the process.

The process is a term used to describe “the period of time between starting our goal and actually reaching it.” Many times, the process can be overwhelming and mentally draining causing us to over analyze and become frustrated. This happens because the process can be long and grueling causing us to devlop self-doubt wondering can or will we ever reach our goals.

Often times when this happens we can either do a couple of things one is to give up or two keep fighting through the process to make it to our end goal.

Believe Before You See

To have faith is to have deep sense of trust in what cannot be seen. Proof or confirmation is not needed to have faith in the process. Rather you’re religious or not having faith is essential to making our goals reality.  To trust the process, completely is not need to know what is unfolding or why, but to simply have the belief that what you’re doing is ultimately going to work.

However, without putting in the time and effort it is downright impossible to accomplish our goals. Consequently, we have to believe in whatever we’re doing no matter what circumstances unfolded in our lives.

Final Thoughts

Going through “the process” to reach success can be overwhelming, but we always have to remind ourselves to enjoy the moment. Often times we get caught up in where we want to be in our career, life or success wise. That we tend to forget to be thankful for where we are at that present moment.  This doesn’t mean to not strive for better, but don’t get down on yourself for not reaching your goal at that present time.

Ask yourself this, what brings you joy? Do you enjoy your day to day grind working towards your goals? Comment below & if you liked article please share!

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7 Reasons Why People Don’t Start Their Own Business

Starting a business is supposed to be highly rewarding, exciting and challenging. You get to be your own boss, you get to set your direction and pursue the opportunities you are interested in. If you are working from home, you can even work in your pajamas or anytime you want.Yet not everyone can pursue entrepreneurship. Here are some common reasons why people don’t start their own business.

1. Fear of failure:

Starting a business is a big risk sometimes it will work, and sometimes it may not. Many are afraid of starting a business because of the looming fear that their business will fail.  This fear may result from feelings of inadequacy, or they may have experienced past failures in their lives that they do not want to replicate the feeling with the very real risk of failure in starting a business. They may also feel incompetence, and plagued by self-doubts.

2. Inadequate resources to start a business:

They have little to no money to start a business. They also do not know where to find the capital they need to start a business. They have savings, no rich families and friends to borrow from, and they have poor credits that will not pass the banks’ lending criteria. So even if they want to start a business, the lack of capital is a huge stumbling block for them.

3. No exposure to entrepreneurship:

They have never been exposed to entrepreneurship so they did not consider starting a business to be an option for them. Everyone in their lives has worked, or is working, for someone else and so they have been conditioned to think that being an employee is the only path for them. Many entrepreneurs have parents or relatives who have started or run their own businesses, inspiring them to do the same and pursue the paths of entrepreneurship.

4. Don’t want the stress of entrepreneurship.

Starting and managing a business can be very stressful. It typically means understanding the market, developing the right products that will address the needs of the target market, and possessing the skills needed to jumpstart and run the business. All of these activities can be challenging, especially if things are not going well —  from problems raising capital for the venture to generating more sales to finding distributors to the products.

5. Passion for their Jobs:

They found passion for their work in their jobs. They love their current jobs, and there’s nothing in the world they want to do but work in their current jobs. They already feel that the corporate world gives them the challenging, exciting environment that they crave. There’s no reason to resign and start a business because they have already found the perfect job for themselves.

6. Lifestyle choice:

They have made the conscious decision to live with less, where they deliberately reduce their consumption and cashflow. Hence, they do not see starting a business — and potentially earning significant amounts of money — as supportive of the lifestyle they wanted.

7. Views starting a business as tough, hard work:

There are people who work 16-hour workdays, or work in two or three jobs (aside from their full time jobs). But despite the hard work and the long hours they put in, they still have barely enough to live by. They are still living paycheck to paycheck. If they are already working that hard to earn a decent livable income, they think that starting a business requires double that effort, which they don’t want. Never give up on your dreams or goals I expound on this on my post “Dreams: Are They Worth It?”

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How Do People Express Love?

Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. People express love in a variety of ways. This diversity in love and loving has made expressing and finding love in today’s society a bit complex for some people. Heterosexual love and romance in this new era reflects a change that has been evident in the roles of woman and men since the emergence of the contemporary women’s movement.  Traditional roles may have been characterized by the woman being submissive and passive to her husband. However in today’s society roles have changed in a dramatic way. This change has resulted in a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty as couples try to balance traditional norms with current developments in the absence of clear-cut rules and guidelines. For some, romantic relationships are the most meaningful element in their lives, providing a source of deep fulfillment. The ability to have a healthy, loving relationship is not innate. A great deal of evidence suggests that the ability to form a stable relationship begins in infancy, in a child’s earliest experiences with its mother and farther. Which the child relies on to meets their needs for food, care, protection, stimulation, and social contact. Those relationships are not destiny, but they appear to establish patterns of relating to others. Failed relationships happen for many reasons, and the failure of a relationship is often a source of great psychological anguish. Most of us have to work consciously to master the skills necessary to make them flourish.  I will explain three reasons why people have a hard time expressing their love.

  1. Fear of Disapproval and Rejection

A lot of people are terrified of rejection and ending up alone that you would rather swallow your feelings and put up with something or someone who really doesn’t make you happy rather than taking the chance of making anyone mad at you.

  1. Low Self-Esteem

You believe that you are not entitled to express your feelings or to ask others for what you want. You think you should always please other people and meet their expectations.

  1. Emotional Perfectionism

You believe that you should not have feelings such as anger, jealousy, depression, or anxiety. You believe that you should always be rational and in control of your emotions this can become a major issue when trying to express love.


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8 Myths About College

Myth #1 – It’s better to get good grades than take challenging courses.

When you have even modest success in advanced or accelerated courses, it indicates to a college that you can handle challenging courses – like those you will find in college. A challenging college preparatory program or some advanced placement courses will help you get into more selective colleges.

Myth #2 – The standardized tests (ACT, PSAT, & SAT) are more important than your high school grades.

Colleges know that your performance in high school is a better predictor of college success than the standardized tests. That does not mean that most colleges will ignore your SAT or ACT scores

Myth #3 – I need to decide on my career before I can choose a college.

College is your time to explore. Except in a few specific situations, you can choose a major in your sophomore year and still complete the degree in four years. A surprising number of students discover their ideal field while taking a course they didn’t expect to like. If you’re not ready, don’t let well-meaning friends pressure you into deciding on a major field or a career before you choose a college. Take your time.

Myth #4 – You can’t get into a selective college if you did poorly in 9th or 10th grade.

Colleges look for improvement in performance as a sign that you can and will do the work. In fact, a vast improvement as a junior and senior indicates to a college that you have settled down. However, do not expect to catch up for three poor years in one good semester as a senior.

Myth #5 – If I haven’t heard of a college or university, it can’t be very good.

You may not hear about many of the nation’s finest colleges until you are well into your adult life. Athletics on television is how most colleges get to be known, but many great colleges do not get that kind of exposure. Some of the nation’s finest colleges don’t play big-time athletics. Judge a college on its own merits. Don’t let name recognition determine a good or bad college.

Myth #6 – Colleges need students so it’s easier to be admitted.

Selective private colleges and most state-supported colleges and universities get more qualified applicants than they can possibly accept. While some colleges are having difficulty attracting students, many of these have chosen to get smaller rather than admit unqualified students. Some colleges have lowered their standards, but this also can be a problem for you. The admissions standards might have been lowered, but what a college and its faculty expect of students might not have changed.

Myth #7 – You should go to the most prestigious college to which you are admitted.

You should go to the college that “fits” you best. If it happens to be prestigious, that’s fine. However, fit has to do with how you feel when you are on campus, that matches with how you learn and how the professors teach, along with the academic pressure you can handle. If the college isn’t a good match, you will be unhappy regardless of the prestige.

Myth #8 – Big colleges are best if you haven’t decided on a major field.

Many students think that because there are more courses to choose from, a large college offers greater options for undecided students. However, choices alone should not be the deciding factor. If you are undecided, the best college is one that has core requirements or distribution requirements that ensure you will explore new areas and fields.

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Increase Social Media Shares

Social media sharing is a big aim for many businesses or marketers looking to build their brand, extend their reach, and generally make the most of their online marketing efforts. This is a great tool to use to gain more traffic or conversions for your business or website. However this is easier said than done because using social media to its potential can be challenging. Sometimes you might write a new post, you share it on your social media of choice and see your shares and likes on “0”. This can be very disappointing and discouraging because your content might be great but it’s still not getting the response you want. Getting massive social shares is something that most content marketers and bloggers want to accomplish because we all know it can play a big role in growing a website. Today, I want to share some strategies that can help maximize the number of social shares from social media.


  1. Install social sharing buttons:

The goal is to make social sharing as easy as possible for your visitors; they’re more likely to share your content if it only takes one click. Bright, colorful social sharing buttons are more likely to be clicked, just as certain download buttons are more likely to be clicked on landing pages.

  1. Post when your audience is most active:

Think carefully about when you post your content for optimal social sharing. Traditionally it’s been said that the best time to post content is mid-morning and mid-afternoon on weekdays, but it depends on your audience. For example, if your main market is working woman between the ages of 23-35 you might not want to post during the hours of eight to five because typically that’s work hours.

  1. Make your content visually attractive:

Add images, infographics, or quote-image overlays that are highly entertaining and fun to share. Blogs that include a nice image are way more likely to be shared.

  1. Rewrite That Headline:

I hate to say it but 99% of blog post headlines are accurate but extremely dull. This hurts the blog before anyone even reads the content.

  1. Post consistent:

Many industry influencers stay top of mind with their social media followers by curating valuable, unique or interesting content. In fact, they often won’t read whole posts before they share. If your post is not designed in a way that makes it easy to quickly grasp the key points, they won’t bother to skim it or share it. In addition, many of your regular readers don’t have time to dig into large blocks of text. Think bold headers and key points (2-3 sentences) for each versus dense paragraphs.

  1. Build Your Social Foundation:

In order to maximize sharing of your content, it helps if you have a large set of followers on one or more social platforms that make sense for your brand. Also don’t expect people to be jumping over each other to share your content if you’ve never comment on, like or share other people’s content. By building up some online goodwill, you’ll increase interaction with your content, including shares. Don’t forget to help others spread their great content well before you ask people to share your content!

  1. There’s a difference between begging and asking:

Begging makes you sound desperate. When you sound desperate when asking people to share your content, they’ll most likely ignore it. Often times, the reason people beg is because they feel that they haven’t measured up. In the context of online marketing, it could mean that your content isn’t helpful or inspiring.

  1. Automatic shares:

You can use tools such as where you specify the source and the destination.  The source would be your site, and the destination would be their social media profile


It’s great to get your content shared but you do need to put the work in.  Always remember that social media is great for the discovery phase of the buying cycle, and people need to know about you before they can buy from you. I encourage anyone reading to not get discouraged and keep a positive mindset. If you try these ways I have listed or have found other ways to increase your social shares comments below and if you like this post, please share!



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5 Businesses Anyone Can Start With 100 Dollars or Less

Many of us have dreamed of starting our own business for years, but a lot of times we might feel as if we don’t have the capital to start. There is a huge misconception that we need thousands of dollars or investors to start a business. With technology and the never endless possibilities it offers it has made starting a business affordable for anyone start. Here are 5 businesses anyone can start for under a $100.

  1. Drop shipping e-commerce – If you’re interested in selling products without having to worry about products, labels or shipping cost an e-commerce website may be what you’re looking for. When running a drop shipping e-commerce site, you will sell the products, but not have your own stock. Instead you have a drop shipping agreement typically with a distributor or the manufacturer of the goods. They will then send out the orders directly to your customers.


  1. Life Coach or Mentor – If you find yourself always giving out advice or have a genuine love for helping people with their problems. Becoming a life coach might be perfect fit for you. Many times, life coaches make between $50 – $250/hr.


  1. Virtual Assistant – Similar to personal assistant in which you answer phone calls, respond to emails, and keep a schedule for you client. The difference? You do this remotely.


  1. Social Media Consultant – In this era of social media almost every business, brand or anyone trying to build an audience or market a product has to start with social media. Therefore, causing a demand for people to either run their social media pages or simply just help them with content.


  1. Write a Book – Becoming a author is a great goal for any blogger, writer or anyone who wants to be considered an authority in whatever subject of their choice. Also with platforms such as Amazon and Apple have easy ways for authors to sell their books without having one of those big publishing companies behind it.

Do you have a business idea? What are the next steps you need to take to get your business started or to the next level? Comment below & if you liked this article please share!

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